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3 Ways to Get Your Biz Summer Ready

The countdown can begin! Kids are sleeping in, traffic is lighter and its prime time to ensure
your business is ready for Summer. After all, even business owners need a moment to unwind.
So what can you do to have a Summer filled with memories, inspiration and moolah? Consider
these tips:

1. Host a party. Before you grab your best of the 90’s CD’s, think about how you can help clients
get what they need. Live events usually draw a crowd that’s ready to hear and buy from you.
Your event or party can focus on celebrating clients, new services or even spotlight a non profit
your company supports. Not only does it bring people into talk and relax, it introduces people to
all you have to offer and broadens your reach. You build brand equity, interact with customers
vying for attendees ton on social media and it can boost sales of existing products.

The idea is to create a fun easy going experience that customers look forward to. Speaking of

2. Have a sale. Do you have an ebook you’ve been wanting to share with others? Do it! Offer
customers a discount on books you’ve written or an online class you’ve taught. Give a discount
code and see the type of response you get. Even if it’s a flash sale, it will draw customers to
your website and create buzz around your brand.

3. Take a break. You probably didn’t see this idea coming, but even the strongest brands, ideas,
people, etc have to pause and reset. Use your break to figure out what works for your company,
trim services, hire, revamp and whatever else you may need to do to stay in tune with your brand
or business.

By taking a step back you are able to identify new methods to boost sales or build relationships.
It’s also a way to refresh your mind without having to consider your next move. Your content will
be crisper and clients will noticed a more energized brand.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Summer without being in the office or on the computer for
80% of the day. This is the time of year to relax, grow and enjoy and hit your stride.

Vannessa Wade
Wi+CoWork Blogger

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