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5 Things Entrepreneurs Should Do In Q4 of 2017

Your business is an strong as you are. While it can be daunting to meet with clients cross country, make payroll or add new services, each task can bring you closer to the life you want.Many organizations and businesses are in the process of preparing its Quarter 4 reporting and now is the time to ask your team, “Have we consistently been following our organizational plan for 2017?”

Don’t allow too much time to pass before making a concrete plan to woo new employees or clients. This is the perfect time to think about your vision and set goals for the entire team. Actually, it is a great time to introduce new ideas and concepts and do away with ideas did not work in the past. Here are five things your business should do before jumping into Q4 of 2017. With three months left, you have ample time to implement change and allow your business to operate efficiently for the rest of the year.

1. Identify Partnerships

Think incentives! Think win-win! When thinking of your ideal partnership consider groups or other business organizations that would not only get the world out but hold seminars or help raise funds. Think in terms of who can help promote your message to the masses and cultivate those relationships. There are plenty of ways to become visible in a matter of months when done correctly by having partners work together. This way you are bridging talent and skills to a bigger audience and supporting others along the way.

2. Align Messages

What do you stand for and who do you serve? What three words do people hear when they think of you? For instance, when you see an Amnesty International commercial or sticker you think human rights, fairness and equality. When your audience can positively identify your messaging it becomes easier to build relationships with the media, the community and future clients or donors. Every document, every tweet, blog, Snapchat or Instagram posting should revert back to your message regarding the services you provide. When your messages are aligned clearly it makes it easier to be found online, enhance partnerships and become known for your services.

3. Give Back

We usually see this when a disaster happens, but we don't have to wait until something happens to do something kind for our neighbors. Serve on a board, adopt a classroom (purchase supplies) be a guest speaker, create a scholarship, volunteer as a group to mow grass or paint a house! Other ideas include, sponsoring a little league or offering pro bono services to your favorite cause for a year. People enjoy knowing the human side of companies.

4. Be Transparent

Now more than ever everyone is a whistle blower. Don’t post things that aren’t true about you or your company. Don’t take credit for someone else’s work. Be ethical.

You can also give behind the scenes footage of what makes your company thrive. For instance, if you make socks you can show the before and after process. Are you a Speaker? Show your audience how you relax before a speech. We are humans and are wired for connection – why not invite others to see you work your magic?!

Take center stage and show potential clients, future employees and others why your company rocks. Do you have Taco Tuesday? Does Summer equal a Dj on Fridays? Do you have a massage therapist come once a month to invigorate employees? Does your company host a retreat for employees? If so, show it!

5. Be Mobile-Friendly

You would think in 2017 this would go without saying, but….. it has to be said. The world is a fast paced give me my phone society and companies must keep up with it. Can people view your website without getting a headache because it’s not responsive? Does your social media reflect who you are? Can people locate services and prices within 20 seconds? Is the site easy to navigate? Going mobile is visual storytelling at it’s finest and allows you to put your business in visual action.

Make the next three months in business better by using any of the steps listed above.

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