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Blurred Brand

I remember it like it was yesterday. Blurred Lines was the song of the Summer. The tune
somehow found its way on nearly every radio station and before you knew it, the song was
stuck in your head.

This week I want to ask and challenge you to determine if your brand is suffering from blurred
lines. Meaning you say you do one thing, but everyone sees you and your brand differently. For
instance, if I make relocating for work a seamless process, but people think I am a travel agent,
the line may be blurred. Does your message match? Let’s stop and get your brand clear not

Say it. We understand the role of Social Media and how it enhances your brand and expertise.
We understand that potential clients, supporters and friends can share, like or tweet your
information in an instant with little effort. Do people clearly understand what they can hire or
refer you for? Are they aware of the type of clients you are seeking? If not, you need to tighten
up your messaging and make sure everyone knows what you do.

Prove it- Perhaps you aren’t sure what this means and that is perfectly fine. I often hear friends
say if you don’t have a photo, it didn’t happen and there’s truth to that statement. If you brand
yourself as a chef, builder, coach, seamstress, etc, show proof. Post photos of happy
customers. Tweet tips. Host an event. Won an award lately? Share it with your network. Did you
leave the room in awe during your last presentation? Post testimonials on your website. Did you
land a media opportunity? Once again share it so others can see you in action.

Now, I challenge you to get clear about the who, what, when, where, and how in your business.
Revamp if needed. The last thing you want to do is bypass clients because they don’t “get” or u
demand what you do and most importantly how you can help them.

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