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Killer office space. Unlimited snacks and a whole lot of collaborative learning. By now, you know creativity takes center stage at Wi+CoWork office on 2502 La Branch St, Houston TX. On any given day, you can celebrate the success of others while striving for your own.

Our members create opportunities to help others and today we are chatting with a member that is always flashing a smile.

During our Cheers to Entrepreneurship Party, Amy Scott provided free professional headshots to members. The list quickly filled up and many had an opportunity to not only chat with Amy, but feel her passion and energy for her craft. Ladies and gents, here are three questions with our resident photographer Amy Scott.

Being a business owner is hard work. What keeps you motivated?

Staying motivated is a huge challenge! I have a lot of internal drive so that is a lot of the fire that fuels me- but generally, I’m my own harshest taskmaster and that can become almost paralyzing when I’m feeling behind on things. It is connecting with other small business owners and discussing the challenges that we’re facing that helps give me a breath of fresh air, and a feeling of community that helps me re-approach my to-do list with renewed energy and enthusiasm. I wouldn’t last long without the support of my peers! Even though it can be hard for me to “justify” time not spent working I just can’t keep going without feeling like I’m a part of a bigger community.

Some people believe in no regrets. Is there anything about your business you regret not doing sooner?

I wish I had thought of connecting with the larger community of small business owners and professional groups sooner. There are so many resources and incredible learning opportunities available through professional groups and small business groups like the SBA, Women’s Business Center, and SCORE.

Advice for aspiring business owners?

Connect with others! Have no shame and ask anyone and everyone in your field to coffee to learn more about them, their business, and what resources they’ve found useful in their process. Find ways to stay connected and be helpful to them and you never know how those connections might be helpful in the future!

Next time you see Amy in the office ask her about her mouthwatering food photography business A.E. Scott Designs.

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