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Coffee Morning Talk: Language of Connection by Mariana Cortez

People can create and keep great connections. Everyone can be on the same page in a business team or family team. We don’t know how to connect with each other in a “tune in” kind of level though. We forgot. We used to do it quite well when we were toddlers when our ego did not have a hold of us; when we did not have opinions about anyone or anything and when our only language was playfulness and going with the flow. We emitted energy. There is a way to get back to this magnetism we had. With “The Language of Connection” you and your team can see through layers of resistance and you will master your “magnetism” side where real enthusiasm, excitement and connection are. You will go through different stages of trust, appreciation and observation for your team and your clients to really “see” clearly where everyone stands. It gets very clear. These “Language of Connection” lessons and feedback sessions let you keep your energy throughout your day and keep your power no matter what drama is going on around your business team or family life. Mariana Cortez, international feedback consultant of “The Language of Connection”, will be our speaker and will show us how people not only listen to our words but also to our message behind our words!! 

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