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Creating Your Business All Star Team Part 2

Last week we discussed 5 people every business owner needs to thrive. So let’s jump to 4 and 5 on the

4. Personal Assistant- if you ever had to think about if you sent an email or rendered a payment, you
know the feeling it brings. Be having an assistant virtually or at the office is vital. Your assistant can set
appointments, send emails, follow up on tasks, handle flight arrangements, remember important dates
and everything in between that’s actually job related. An assistant is the first line of defense because they
know your workload and help ensure its manageable.

5. Sales – you have your product or revive, you have advisors, people know, like and trust you, but
between meetings, luncheons, trips to the post office and waiting for a parking spot, your sales slipped.
Your salesperson does exactly what the word says – SALE. Like all the players on your team, they are
vested in your growth and well being. They have the knowledge, training and proof that helps you
maintain a solid customer base. They upstanding sales trends and the best way to capture your ideal
client. They aren’t easy swayed and aren’t afraid of unopened emails, multiple meetings or numbers.
They are there to close deals and be the face of your business.

*BONUS* No game would be complete without fans! These are customers that support you by purchasing
products, inviting you to speak at events or provide feedback on courses or services. You can learn
valuable information from happy and unhappy customers. Your core fans want to see you thrive and are
willing to share insight on and offline.

Fans can also be the trusted friend you need when you want to give up. They are the ones that listen or
remind you why you started a business in the first place. These friends can point you in the right direction,
offer referrals or help in other ways.

Vannessa Wade
Wi+CoWork Blogger

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