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Creating Your Business All Star Team

Have you ever attempted to put together a desk or other type of furniture? More often than not, it goes
faster and better if you have an extra hand. The same applies to operating a business. There’s only so
much balancing a person can do before they are exasperated and left with a half done product.

Our modern world has made it easy to outsource daily tasks from cooking, cleaning, dog walking and
even painting. Long gone are the days of wearing multiple hats and handling every ounce of business.
The real MVP’s of business understand they need support along the way. I reached out to my FB friends
for answers on 5 people every business owner needs in business. While answers will vary, the ultimate
theme is everyone needs support. Since it’s the NBA Finals, let’s discuss who you need in your
entrepreneurial starting lineup.

1. CPA – I’ve been with my CPA for almost five years and she knows numbers. Seriously, that’s
her thing. I trust and allow her to showcase her expertise by handling everything related to my
business. I don’t have to stress over invoices, business tax forms, etc and it’s a relief. She keeps
the financial part of my business running smoothly , which means I can focus on other tasks.

2. HR Consultant – if you have reached the stage where you have employees, HR is critical. You
have to focus on business, not hiring, firing, employee pension issues, family leave or an
employee that turns in everything late. Allow HR to handle those tasks on your behalf. While it’s
probably one of the most under ultized roles, it’s incredibly important. Salaries, benefits,
performance reviews and overall company culture can be traced back to HR. You don’t want to
lose business because you are juggling one too many things.

3. Attorney- there are some things we can do on our own, but handling contracts isn’t one of
them. The last thing you want to do is get in a legal battle over a name, trademark, unmet need or
employee issues. Whether you are structuring your business or looking to merge you need
someone with keen insight and not emotionally attached to the business to rally on your behalf.
As business owners we tend to do business on emotions and there are times when logic has to
override those feelings.

*BONUS* Every business owner needs a trusted advisor. I call this a cabinet of supporters. They could be
paid or unpaid. They may have known you for years or just met you a year ago. These are the people that
will support you, listen, offer feedback and challenge you to dig deeper.

Next week, we will round out the five people every business owner needs in their starting lineup. What
would you add?

Vannesa Wade
Wi+CoWork Blogger

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