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Entrepreneurship​ ​Is​ ​Not​ ​a​ ​Quick​ ​Fix

Entrepreneurship is not a quick fix and isn’t reserved for those that have worked 20 years and decided to venture out. It turns out, millennials are starting more small businesses than any other segment. According to a new study, conducted by America’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC), millennials are trading in grandma and granddad’s traditional work environment and opting for experiences – not the corner office. Some of those business owners are kicking butt, such is the case with Wi+CoWork own Reverberate Agency.

Q. You are a young entrepreneur. When did you know you had something creative, fresh and profitable to offer clients? What’s something people often underestimate about your team?

A. My hope is to be able to take all the knowledge I’m hunting and gathering and one day soon create something creative and fresh! Our services are not radical, new, or groundbreaking at the moment – they are a case study of other people’s great ideas and existing tools. We’ve pulled from seminars, speakers, podcasts, books, social media, and applied what we’ve learned to our services. Our biggest potential weakness of being young and inexperienced has turned into our biggest strength. We understand that we are perpetually learning and unafraid of failure. Every day we look at something great, tell ourselves “We can do that, too”, then ask “How can we do that in our own way?” Through this mindset, I believe, we’ll be able to create our own fresh take on marketing in the future.

Q. The name of your company is pretty darn cool. Where did it come from?

A. It may be cool, but hardly anyone can pronounce it hahaha! Even our workgroup chat is titled “Reberbawhat” as a running joke. My aspirations for the future of our company include having as many misspelled Google searches as Warby Parker. See: . Oh, and I chose the name because it means our job is to amplify the voices of our clients and make waves in our community with their messages. I think Reverb’s getting closer to that goal every day as we cross the line from a digital media agency to a marketing and product consulting agency

Q. How do you bounce back from failure?

A. Besides a 72-hour Hulu binge?? I define failure in my business and my personal life as disappointing others. I begin with doing my best to correct the situation and recognizing the situation as a learning experience. I believe it’s true that there is a silver lining to any failure because with every mistake comes a learning experience and an opportunity to grow.

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