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Fake News, Real Consequences

Ask anyone and they will say the wonderful thing about the internet is it gives everyone a platform and the worse thing about social media is it gives everyone a platform.

What do you do when you have a troll or an unhappy, angry and downright mean client Online? Do you run? Delete your Accounts? Fight back?

One photographer found herself on the ugly side of social media when an unhappy client berated her online. It was pretty nasty and recently a jury awarded the long suffering photographer $1 million dollars in a defamation lawsuit. A few weeks ago a client of mine had a similar experience. Hopefully, you would never deal this level of spite, but in case you do here’s a few things to do.

1. Tell the truth. If you fell short and you know you did own up to it.
2. Rally the troops. When people or brands have a strong following they will support you at length. Allow customers to post how happy they are with you.
3. Fight back. Use your words to let the poster of the tweet or post that it’s not okay to spew hateful comments. Refrain from name calling and focus on the quality of services you provide.
4. Contact proper authorities. There are times when things get so bad you have to file a lawsuit or connect with police or attorney’s. It’s time consuming and expensive, but it’s worth it to save your reputation and brand.

What would you add to the list? How would you fight back?

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