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How to Vacation as an Entrepreneur

Did you know on average, SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY-EIGHT MILLION vacation days are left on
the table by American workers? This means we are at our desk and not the beach, Stonehenge
or checking out the world’s largest water slide. We aren’t going to art galleries or dancing the
night away in Cuba. We are at our desk scrolling by photos of people that are doing those

We are a generation of multi taskers, yet making time for a vacation seems to be a lost art. And
when you are a business owner the stress of leaving the office first a few days can be daunting,
but it doesn’t have to be all business in your office. Quick trips within the city or another state
can spark creativity, breed new ideas and help you be more productive. Last week, I traveled to
Haiti for a missions trip and business didn’t miss a beat because thankfully I was able to plan.
So, how can you leave the office without feeling guilty and stressed? So glad you asked.

1. Delegate – give employees space to make moves without you being in the office. Allow
them to handle task that you would normally handle. Perhaps they can attend meetings
or events on your behalf. Have them provide a report to help you keep track of their

2. Plan for an emergency. Before you get nervous, I’m referring to minor emergencies
like the copier going out, no AC or a client’s flight being delayed. By prepping ahead of
time you can be away from the office and employees can feel empowered to make
decisions without having to call you. Inform them on what to do and who to call in event
something occurs.

3. Predict slow times. Most industries experience peak times in business. When things
are off peak and not too hectic that’s a good time to vacation. It may be more affordable
and allows you and your team to truly unwind without panic.

4. Create a checklist. You are bound to have questions, fears and more for your team, so
why not create a checklist for you and them? Employees may have questions or insight
to share.

5. Set an auto reply. A simple ” this week, we are out of the office and exploring the city
of San Francisco or Cairo” works. Include the contact person, emergency numbers and a
timeline of when you’ll be back in the office.

Everybody needs to recharge after a while, so keep this handy checklist to help you make the
most of your time out of the office.

Vannessa Wade
Wi+CoWork Blogger

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