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Life After Harvey

It has been less than 14 days since Harvey rained down what felt like endless amount of water around the Houston area. Within seconds homes, lives, buildings and small businesses were gone.

About 99 percent of the companies in Houston are considered small businesses in a region with a gross domestic product (GDP) of more than $315 billion, according to U.S. government data. And many felt and will continue to feel the effects of Harvey for months if not years to come!

The road to recovery can be hard, expensive and time consuming, yet it can bring new ideas on how to maintain and even grow your business in the midst of a frustrating and stressful situation.

Small business often lack sizable cash reserves, and the loss of income from having to shut down, relocate, or reduce staff can make a company feel doomed! In the coming weeks things will get back to a “new normal” for many residents but in the meantime here are a few things entrepreneurs and small business owners can do to get back to business:

1. Cowork. Perhaps you were paying $1800 for an office space that’s no longer functioning. Workflow does not have to stop. Consider relocating to Wi+CoWork, where suites are available for your growing business. In fact, Wi+CoWork has rental plans to accommodate any budget and has space for meetings. It’s also has easy access to some of H-Towns most recognizable freeways including 288, 59, 45 and 610.

2. Partner. We hear about mergers on a weekly basis. Perhaps you can partner with other business owners to offer the same service or work on projects together. This is the time for small businesses to unite not fight for customers.

3. Move online. If you had damages that you can’t recover from, consider moving your business online. It’s more affordable overall and takes away the stress of having to look for space. Fitness Coaches, Clothing Stores and even online bakeries have found success moving online.

These are just suggestions on how entrepreneurs can get back on their feet. What ideas would you add?

Our hearts are with everyone reeling and recovering from Harvey and Wi+CoWork is prepared to stand with Houston by offering free coworking opportunities through September to those affected by Harvey. Stop by 2502 La Branch St and check them out.

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