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5 Free Business Tools You Will Actually Use

The rule is if you don’t need it,  don’t buy it. Start with the free version and grow into the paid version. 

  1. Insightly. A CRM (client relations management tool). Store contacts, emails, documents, create pipelines and more. Free for one or two users. It’s a great way to keep your projects organized. 
  2. Wave. Free accounting, invoicing and receipt scanning. Paid services include payroll, accounting and credit card processing.
  3.  Mint. Keep tabs on your finances for free. Mint will provide you with tools to make a budget, keep up with your credit score and provide you with your financial “big” picture. 
  4. Mailchimp. If you’re subscriber list is under 2,000 and you’re sending less than 12,000 emails a month – it’s free. It’s a great service and it integrates with lots of other platforms, including Insightly. 
  5. Evernote. You’ve probably heard of Evernote but are you using it? The fact that you can take notes and sync across platforms is reason enough. 

Have you found a great platform that helps you stay organized? Let us know. 

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