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Meet Greg Melon, Our Member Of The Week!

Wicowork is a thriving, vibrant and successful coworking space. It’s a place where the 1st time entrepreneur and the seasoned professional can talk business over Arepa or strike up a conversation after Yoga. 

First up in this series dedicated to those kicking butt in business and life is Greg Melon. A self-proclaimed quotes nerd, Greg has an impressive resume and outlook on life and business. 

After working in national security and technology, Greg completely switched gears and founded SOTAH—a company that designs and develops smart apartments. Today, SOTAH uses the latest and greatest smart home tech (like smart thermostats, locks, voice-controlled lights, etc.) to help apartment property owners set themselves apart and attract new residents. You can learn more about Greg and SOTAH on their website,

Q: How are you pushing yourself – to stay consistent, to go beyond, to find space for the life you want to live? Have you created a life mantra yet?

Greg: I’m forcing myself to become more of a morning person. I realized I was missing out on my peak performance time by sleeping in, so I’m reluctantly and slowly switching it up to get up at 6:30, eat breakfast, watch the news, meditate and read. 

Speaking of reading, Greg and fellow Wicowork-er Scott Bradley started a monthly book club called Leaders are Readers. Reading allows him to learn from the stories of others.

Q: Do you have a life mantra?

Greg: I’m a huge quotes nerd, so my mantra changes over time. But the one that’s stuck with me the longest is one that my dad taught me: “Lose as if you like it, and win as if you’re used to it.” It reminds me to stay gracious when losing, and humble when winning.

Q:  What’s been your biggest win? What did you learn from it?

Greg: I’m proud of being undefeated in pitch competitions right now—I’m 3-0. One of the main things that this experience has really validated for me is the power of preparation and brevity. To cater and condense my message. It kind of goes back to Einstein’s quote, “If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it well enough.”

Greg let me in on something major that he’s doing to impact and ultimately save lives. It’s still in the early stages, but one of the latest initiatives that we’ve begun exploring at SOTAH involves reconfiguring our smart apartment solution to double as an assisted living system. So, when individuals are incredibly sick or injured to a point that they’re restricted to in-home care, we can make their lives easier. So, if someone is stuck in bed, they can still adjust the thermostat, lock the door, and turn lights on/off. Or if an elderly person has an emergency, they can quickly issue a voice command like “Call my son,” to notify their point of contact about an emergency. We had this problem with my dad earlier last year when he was sick, and it seemed like a lot of others were experiencing this same problem.

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