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Perk Up, It’s Business

Are you ready to build brand loyalty around your business and attract the customers and employees you want? If so, this article is for you.

There’s a formula big companies use to attract, retain and define company culture and guess what? so can you.

Let’s talk perks. Even the tiniest company can offer perks employees want – you just have to be creative and flexible. Start thinking about the perks your startup or growing business can offer to build brand loyalty and stay with the times, including:

1. Gym Memberships – nothing says we care about you like step classes, strength training and yoga. Create a budget that allows employees to save money and get healthy at the same time. With all the competition, gym memberships can run between $9-59 a month.

2. Conference Pay – conferences are one of the ways employees can stay current in their field while networking with some of the best and brightest in the business. However, conferences can total $2000 plus when you factor in travel, hotel, food, transportation, etc. Set aside money to show your employees you appreciate them by investing in the next conference they attend. Ask for a description of the conference and have them share what they learned.

3. Baby Pay or Baby Leave – there will come a day when an employee decides to add to their family. Offer $500, $3000 or whatever amount you determine to help with clothes or daycare services. You can even offer a week off for the father, aunt or uncle of the bundle of joy.

4. Time Out – as kids we fought naptime. We wanted to stay up and see what everyone else was doing. However, with increasing demands sometimes a good ole fashion nap does the trick. If you have extra space in your office, use it as a quiet room that allows employees to disconnect and rest. This practice has led to increased focus and endurance for employees.

5. Vacation Time – weekends are the perfect time to trade in your spreadsheets and head for the beach, slopes or attend a concert and it does not have to break the bank. In fact tickets to San Diego, Vegas and even Montreal have priced below $75 in recent weeks. Offer employees $150 in yearly travel dollars to explore a city. They will come back refreshed and ready to work.

6. Involvement Day – it’s easy to become numb or disconnected from the world when you have a busy or demanding schedule. Set aside one day every quarter to volunteer as a group. It fosters team spirit and channels creativity all while helping others. Tasks such as reading at a school can help employees perform better and leaves a lasting impact on the employee and the receiver.

7. Netflix and Chill – we are a mobile society and on any given day we are streaming movies or binge-watching the latest show. Offer to pay for employees viewing pleasures. A simple gift card for things such as Hula, Fire Stick, Netflix, etc are another way to get ahead of the game when it comes to keeping employees happy.

What type of benefits do you offer employees? What has been the response?

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