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Q/A with Raul Caro

Wi+CoWork is a centerpiece of the Midtown/Third Ward area. It’s filled with bustling business owners changing the landscape of Houston. The colorful decor draws people in and the food, classes and instant bonds can be felt at every turn.

What makes this space work is the heart of the people. Raul Caro is one if the faces of Wi+CoWork. When he’s not giving tours, delivering packages or planning events, he’s at the desk, greeting each member and guest with a smile.

Vannessa: Tell us about your role at Wi+CoWork. What’s the biggest challenge?

Raul: I am Wi+CoWork’s Community Manager, my role is basically being the center of the community. My role is to connect and serve members, as well as keeping an eye on the space and community growth. The biggest challenge has definitely been to catch up with everything! Ha! There are so many things you can do in a space like Wi+CoWork, from networking with members, planning awesome events, marketing strategies, having amenities ready; that sometimes everything may be a bit overwhelming!. Yet, I find this to be one of the most rewarding jobs ever, as you get to know incredible people every day while providing a great service in a thrilling space.

Vannessa: I am sure it may be overwhelming, how many members does the space currently have? and what does the future hold for the space?

Raul: At this point, we have over 130 members. And actually, this is a great question! It is the first time that I am sharing this with everyone… I will be moving to New York City in late January to continue with my education and professional growth. Therefore, at this point, we are looking for a new community manager to continue growing our community in our Midtown location. On top of that, we are currently working on an expansion project as we are looking to expand to bigger spaces and hopefully by late 2018 we will have some updates about this.

Vannessa: WOW, this is news for everyone! What is your role after moving to NY? or are you planning to completely leave Wi+CoWork?

Raul: NOT AT ALL, ha! I will be the communications lead for Wi+CoWork, as I will be studying this field and I have been wanting to be more involved in this matter for a while. Anywhere from creating new partnerships, managing our digital communication avenues and so forth. Hopefully, I will have an impact on the big picture and future of the company.

Vannessa: Now, let’s speak about your existing role. What would the new community manager role look like?

Raul: The new community manager needs to be someone who is energetic, willing to learn from ANYONE and ready to create awesome things to keep our community in wired. There is going to be less load of work, as I will be working hand to hand with the new CM and the rest of the team!

Vannessa: Vannessa: We hate that you are leaving, but know you will be back from time to time to visit us from New York! What’s your advice about running, maintaining and growing a business?

Raul: Persistency and hard work. I was reading an article about a great businesswoman who has a very successful business in Bogota, Colombia (my hometown) and she said a phrase that  I definitely felt identified with: ‘’Good luck is handed every morning at 5 am’’, as she was referring to business people who are often seen as ‘’lucky ones’’ as if hours of work were not put into day to day. So yes, hard work and persistence!

Vannessa: Expansion is good, will that impact the current LaBranch location?

Raul: We are still waiting for more information to be disclosed, but we want to keep our Midtown location as an icon for our community and coworking culture.

Vannessa: Are you concerned about WeWork and other share spaces opening in Houston?

Raul: I personally see WeWork as an aid for local coworking spaces. They are showing the Houston market that there is another way to do businesses and especially office space. On the other hand, Houston is the 4th largest city in America. There is enough demand for us all!

Vannessa: Wi+CoWork is popular, what do you believe people love most about it?

Raul: Overall, I think the #1 aspect people love about Wi+CoWork is the house, and how we repurposed it into an innovative space to meet incredible people. Second, I do think that the community that we have built (and we will continue to build) is not only a selling point but also a very useful resource both to have a great lifestyle and great connections next to you.

As the New Year rolls in, Wi+CoWork will undoubtedly continue to provide the best in coworking services. With an expansion in the works, current and potential members will get to see a stronger side of the space and its endless benefits, strategic partnerships, and more. Stay tuned to see what else the creative space had in store!

Vannessa Wade

Wi+CoWork Blogger

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