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Six Ways to Keep Your Business Alive

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered, how did they get where they are in business?
I’ll be the first to say operating a business is no easy feat and growing it can lead to tears,
laughs and ultimately achievement. There are hundreds and hundreds of books dedicated to
providing information on how to create a brand people will fall in love with and that’s fine,
however at some point that loveable brand has to bring in revenue. But how do you get to that
point? Why are the secrets? How do you determine when your passion or hobby is a full and
scalable business? This week I’m sharing tips on what’s helped other business owners thrive in
business based on a Facebook Post by a friend, Crystal Washington. When I started my rough
draft, I was going to write about five people every business owner needs, we’ll post that next
week. One simple Facebook question generated tons of comments, which I decided to share there.

During the last five years, I’ve logged nearly 14,000 emails, attended at least 40 networking
events and flown back and forth to DC to our satellite office to do this thing called
entrepreneurship. I can certainly say, I’ve arrived at a point in my career where I can share tips
with others. Heck there are times when I stand in awe of some of the things we’ve achieved as a

Life is fantastic when you get to have dream clients, travel, make money, educate others, create
a multi city book tour or host webinars that are more popular than you ever conceived, but what
does it truly take to get there? For real, where’s the magic trail and how do you get there?

Contrary to what some think, most careers aren’t built overnight. (Que dramatic screams) In
fact, it can take years to get to where you want to be. Sometimes it’s a bumpy, let-me-off-
this-ride type of journey. Yet, it’s possible to have a thriving company and be healthy and happy.
Here are a few comments (tips) on business building from people that commented on Crystal’s

  1. Learn to delegate. I get it. When you are starting you may not have the funds to hire a
    staff or assistant, however you may be able to barter services with someone. For
    instance, perhaps they could serve as your virtual assistant and you could design their
    website. Perhaps they are a photographer and you are an event planner, both parties
    could work together to gain business. Vannessa Wade
  2. Understand your sales cycle: prospect, lead, customer/client, repeat customer/client.
    Make sure you have a plan for each stage and people in each stage. Don’t wait until you
    finish a project to start looking for clients. Jamila White
  3. Take risk, acquire knowledge at all times, keep creating multiple income streams…and
    finally don’t be afraid to hit the “RESET BUTTON”. Nikito Mwanga
  4. Get clarity on what it is you want to do. Nothing is worse than drifting around first
    years under the guise of entrepreneurship. The sooner you get clarity, the sooner you
    get to success. Bro Bedford
  5. Create your roadmap INCLUDING how you will specifically make money and get paid
    (not just “blog” but specifically, “use sponsored post and ads”. Not just “help business
    owners get results” but “create paid monthly seminars for 50 small business owners”.
    Lisa Conder Stauber

BONUS TIP – learn how to negotiate. Not long ago I sat in with a fellow business owner that was
pitching her services to a corporate client. I did my part of the presentation and sat down. As
she closed, she firmly said we can offer the outlined services for $30,000 a month. Yes,
$30,000, that’s not a typo. She didn’t flinch. She stated her price. Granted not everyone will ask
for $30,000 but at least be confident enough to state a fair price for your services. Give your
number and wait for a reply. You don’t have to say $5,000 and then reduce the price based on
the client folding their arms or being silent. You are in the room for a reason!

Oh and the $30,000 friend I mentioned above, her business is thriving. What tips would you add
to help business owners find their stride in business?

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