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Tag you’re it! Tips for hosting and attending your next networking event.

We know networking can sometimes feel like seeing a distant cousin or playground bully that use to torture you. No matter where you turn they are looking, listening and devising a plan of attack – at your expense! Thankfully, not all networking experiences have to be anxiety filled or unproductive.

Networking events are designed to help you meet new people and broaden your circle of influence. So what are some things you should avoid when creating your next networking event? We polled our Facebook Friends and this is what they had to say:

1. Secure a venue space with easy parking options. Add signage so attendees can know exactly where to go.

2. Don’t oversell the event. Some people function better in more intimate groups. Don’t focus on having 1000 people, focus on quality.

3. Avoid bait and switch. Nothing is worse according to Shundra Dineen than showing up to an event and having the host use the event for everything else other than networking. Don’t use it to oversell your products or services. Give people time to warm up and connect.

4. Keep your cards. We have all seen the person that passes out 100 cards. Instead focus on people you actually want to connect with says Tracie Jay. At least learn a person’s name before focusing them to take your card.

And to really make an impression it’s recommended to:

5. Follow up. Why attend or host an event if you aren’t going to follow up and discuss action plans.

6. Connect with prospects. Achieve your objective. Add value and create a positive environment.

7. Connect with others. Want to help others come out of their shell? Introduce them to others or include them in the conversation.

What are your tips for standing out at networking events?

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