Joseph_300x300“I have been involved with Wi+Co Work for the past year and taken advantage of its services on several occasions. For me, as a small business owner who must periodically entertain and meet with clients in order to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, it provides me with an atmospher that is representative of the image my company is trying to convey for a price that meets our budget. Upon arrival to the “facility”, our clients are provided with a warm and inviting feeling that only a well maintained, historic wooden house can provide. Once inside, our clients are impressed with the ultra modern and chic interior renovations. Being able to walk through the house and make conversation with them about the hundreds of little details further helps build my relationship with them and improve the outcome of our meetings. No expense was sparred on the renovation and decoration of the house with artifacts coming from all over the world. The various size offices are all different in both design and decor, able to accommodate private one-on-one meetings/work sessions, workstation group meetings, large conference meetings and even host large work parties in the entire house. For larger events, the staff at wi+co work offered every amenity I could possibly need to once again help convey the image my company is striving toward. They were timely with their response during event setup and professionally with delivery during the day of the event. Wi+CoWork provides my company with the facilities and services it needs as it continues to grow. I can not recommend it enough.” – Joseph Bramante

Anna_300x300“Wi+CoWork is my favorite place to work, and has become much more than that.  It has become a 2nd home and family!  I was welcomed with open arms from the very beginning, and the love and community continues to grow.  I have met amazing people who support my entrepreneurial endeavors in more ways than just a place to work.  The people I meet at Wi+CoWork support and inspire me to grow as a person and business owner.  And I love most that every time I bring a new person to Wi+CoWork, they have the same experience.  The love and support is everywhere!” – Anna Kauppila

Betirri“Ever since I saw the birth of Wi+CoWork I identified with the concept and fresh design of the space. As an artist, I feel my paintings have been showcased in one of the best spaces in terms of architectural layout, lighting and interior design. I also have experienced a very positive flow of energy every time I step into the place. Wishing you a lot of success and keep Wi+CoWork as one of Houston’s landmarks.” – Betirri Bengtson

“To say the Wi+CoWork space is great, would be a drastic understatement. It’s an inviting and inspiring environment. Collaborating with the Wi+CoWork team is always a joy. I’ve had the pleasuring of working with them on a number of projects and if you come by – you’ll probably find me making coffee, chatting up Juan Carlos, Diana & Raul or working on some form of design/development project. I highly recommend checking them out. Coworking has never looked better.” – Yvonne Boustany

sandra_flores“The community and energy you feel the moment you walk into Wi-CoWork can not be replicated. I have had the distinct pleasure of working closely with this phenomenal team. Juan with his true passion and visionary approach of Wi-Work and Play together as a growing Houston entrepreneur society is as vibrant as the bright blue house!  Raul with his compassion to enrich and embrace all who join the community as an ambassador of us all. Diana and her truly inviting spirit, is always willing to help out in any way possible. This trio is exactly what Houston needs to enrich our business enhancement. The moment my clients walk in they are in awe of everything from design, art work and all its amenities offers to us as members. Allowing me to share this unique culture of this emerging concept creates a huge value to my clients that they can appreciate. In just the few months of being a member, I have been able to grow my business to new heights utilizing not only the co-working areas but the accommodating conference rooms. With multiple rooms of choice to fit my event needs I have been able to increase my number of monthly events and rapidly grow my business with more exposure. I can’t thank the team enough for allowing We Coach The Pro’s to be apart of this growing community. Thank you for increasing my productivity Wi Co-Work! I am a member for life! ” – Sandra Flores